Te Whanau Reo Maori
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14.6.10 @ Staff Hui
Check out our helpful links page to access the websites we looked @ today.
kia ora ano Whanau!!! 8.5.10 Chrissy
I have added some new links to use on your wiki so have a titiro, and if you would like to invite your students to your wikipage follow the following instructions @ this link.
on the left hand side look for the add students tab. Any patai .... Karanga Mai!!

Kia ora Whanau!! 17.5.10.Chrissy
Have a look on the helpful links tab about the basics of Wikispaces - A video to have a look @ aswell......... Any Patai, we can have a lunchtime session on basics, or how to add new pages, and link them to other sites, or how to add a file (documents or pictures) to your wikispaces...

TE WHANAU REO MAORI O MANUTUKE - Whainga: For each room to have their own wikispaces and link it to TWRM wikispace to display educational gems by the end of term 2 -

To add a new page to your wiki.... Find the New Page tab on your wiki page and give it a name then follow instructions. You will need a new page for each thing that you want on your page, like a whakaahua page, up and coming activities in your class, create a page for each student to put their samples of mahi. All up to each kaiako!

The next learning session can be on how to add photos to your wikipage and to add a link from another page to yours. @ next syndicate hui if thats ok Koka Waina, or i can do a session @ lunch time with anyone. If you are keen to follow instructions go to our helpful links page and find the gettrickywithwikispaces link, and this will help you add many things to your page. Na Chrissy